From authors Hamilton Brower and Annette Parker Martin comes an inspiring and enriching book of thought-provoking words and striking photographs which readers of all ages will devour. Magnificent Words To Live By is a collection of poetry that magically describes words that represent positive character traits and encourages readers to integrate those words into their daily lives.
A highly entertaining read, Magnificent Words To Live By uses familiar rhyme and meter, coupled with stunning photography, to share with children the magic that exists within ordinary words. Through brilliant interpretation, the book shares with adults a reminder of values that can often be neglected in today's hectic lifestyle.

Ultimately, Magnificent Words To Live By hopes to stimulate dialogue, whether about the meanings of the words or the significance of their utilization. This book provides an opportunity for parents to discuss with their children the importance of accountability within their own lives. “While the words alone may not necessarily be magnificent, the effects of incorporating them into daily life certainly can be,” Brower and Martin state.

In a visually stimulating and informative manner, this inspirational, must-read book will enhance comprehension of core values that make life better.
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